Body to Donor Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant

As we discussed that in almost hair transplant surgeries a donor area, e.g. backside of the head with good growth is required to take hair from it in order to re-implant in the bald scalp. But, what if someone doesn't have a good donor area with good hair growth? Sometimes, patients do not have a hairy donor area. In this situation, hairs from some other body parts can be extracted such as beard, legs, chest and armpit, etc. Beard can be considered as one suitable body part among all to extract hair for hair transplantation. However, a difference between the hair texture & thickness remains there while extracting hairs from these above said donor areas. Such procedure can be successfully done using an FUE hair transplant technique.

BHT Transplant Procedure

The BHT transplant procedure is somewhat same as FUE, but the only difference is the donor area. However, some important aspects about BHT procedure are there that need to take care such as the thickness, direction and curl of hair extracted from different donor areas such as beard, legs, arms, etc. can make a difference. One other aspect of such procedure is that hair extracted from above said donor zones grow in a fix length that cannot match the hair length of the scalp.

Important Things in Body Hair Transplant
Important things to know while undergone BHT

FUE Hair Transplant

Calculate Graft

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Grafts are main roots which are transplanted to scalp. So it is important to know the count of hair grafts you need for your surgery.

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Hair Transpant Results

Life Changing Results

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NHT is delivering life changing hair transplant results from past many years with advanced techniques like Fue & Bio Fue.

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Experts Doctors

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NHT is the panel or team of expert hair transplant doctors from India. Our doctors are located in your own native or your nearby city.

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