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Bio Fue Hair Transplant

Bio FUE hair transplant

Bio FUE hair transplant is an effective procedure that improves the extraction of follicular units of hair from the donor area. The bio FUE hair transplant is somewhat different than the traditional FUE hair transplant in which surgeons take individual hair follicles from the donor area and implant in the bald area. In bio FUE transplant some special growth factors injected by the surgeons that are taken from your own blood. When hair follicular units transplanted in your bald area along with these special growth factors, it gives extra strength to the follicles as well as assures a good enough growth of hairs.


Difference between Fue & Bio fue?


FUE & Bio fue are somewhat same.

In FUE hair follicular used to implant in the bald area where in Bio fue procedure the growth factors from patient's own blood used to extract to inject in the bald area.


Who is the best candidate for Bio Fue hair transplant?


People not having good donor area and are not interested in wearing a hair short, don't want a linear scar are the candidates for Bio-fue hair transplant.


What are the steps in bio fue hair Transplant surgery?


Retrieving regenerative cells from your own blood

Bathing all the follicular units in the growth factor

Injecting the cells into the transplanted zone

FUE Hair Transplant

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Grafts are main roots which are transplanted to scalp. So it is important to know the count of hair grafts you need for your surgery.

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NHT is delivering life changing hair transplant results from past many years with advanced techniques like Fue & Bio Fue.

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